From the Director: Two days make the Coalition stronger, wiser and better prepared

NW Clean & Affordable Energy Conference:

Two days that make the Coalition stronger, wiser and better prepared

from Executive Director Sara Patton

Sara Patton, Executive Director

When we’re all calculating our carbon footprints and fretting over budgets, why is it important for us to come to Portland Nov. 12-13 for the Coalition’s NW Clean and Affordable Energy Conference and membership meeting? Short answer: these two days make the Coalition stronger, wiser and better prepared to deliver the clean and affordable energy future we all work for.

Our Coalition is diverse is mission and geography. Our conferences provide essential connection every fall and spring, letting us go beyond the emails and conference calls to network in person with old friends and new.

We learn from each other and from expert panels and speakers such as New Buildings Institute’s Dave Hewitt, who’ll address energy codes on Friday. We hone our policy positions on everything from transmission and climate to new ideas for energy efficiency programs. We find new diverse voices to support our work, such as low-income advocates speaking out for renewables and wild salmon and utilities testifying for energy codes.

We work to resolve conflicts or at least gain greater understanding each other’s points of view. We disarm wedge issues such as the supposed conflict between spill for salmon and wind integration. We realize how far we have come together as we work to resolve conflicts on just how soon we can decommission coal plants in the region and remember that we were fighting new coal plants together in 2006.

At the full Board meeting, all members make decisions on major Coalition policy resolutions that guide staff advocacy on complex energy and climate issues and serve as region-wide and national models. Members vote on new members, officers and who’ll win the annual Eagle, Headwaters and Turkey awards.

Members’ participation keeps us all strong, smart, inspired and ready to work together for the clean and affordable energy future we dream together. Hope to see you – old timers and newcomers alike — in Portland Nov. 12-13!


NW Clean & Affordable Energy Conference

November 12 – 13, 2010

Please join us in Portland, OR for the NW Clean & Affordable Energy Conference. We have an exciting weekend planned with panels and speakers addressing such diverse topics as smart grid deployment, the environmental impact of renewable energy development, and the upcoming opportunities for major energy efficiency savings.