NW Energy Coalition forest biomass resolution and guidance document

The Coalition’s forest biomass resolution and corresponding “Forest Biomass Guidance for Use in Electricity Production” was passed by the full board at the spring meeting on May 19.  The guidance principles represent an important step in addressing many of the questions raised regarding the responsible use of the byproducts of forestry activities for energy generation.  Below is a formatted PDF copy of the final guidance paper, which we hope you’ll feel free to share with any interested parties.

The document addresses the dearth of available policy guidance on this particular issue and represents an important step forward in engaging a variety of stakeholder viewpoints.  While these documents are final for now, Coalition staff plan on keeping a close eye as new policy decisions and studies continue to emerge in this field.   We look forward to keeping our members apprised as new information develops.

NW Energy Coalition Resolution on Forest Biomass for  Electricity Generation – May 19, 2012

NWEC Forest Biomass Guidance for Use in Electricity Production