Coalition congratulates Flathead Electric Cooperative and Snohomish County PUD for energy efficiency awards

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June 4, 2012

Ken Sugden, General Manager
Flathead Electric Cooperative
2510 US Highway 2 East
Kalispell, MT 59901


Dear Mr. Sugden,

The NW Energy Coalition would like to congratulate Flathead Electric Cooperative for receiving a well-deserved Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award from the Bonneville Power Administration. We are excited that FEC plans to continue and expand upon its recent energy efficiency achievements.

Flathead’s tiered-rate structure and on-bill financing are great ways to incentivize consumers’ energy efficiency efforts. Furthermore, Flathead’s willingness to self-finance a large portion of the utility’s overall efficiency program illustrates its dedication to energy efficiency as a go-to resource. BPA was right on the mark in presenting this award to Flathead.

In addition, it was a pleasure having David Bopp represent Flathead at our recent conference in Kalispell. The discussion on the future of the Flathead Valley was exciting and featured extensive interaction between panel members and the audience.

Congratulations. We look forward to working more with Flathead Electric Coop in the future.

Sara Patton
Executive Director

Download a PDF of the letter below on letterhead 

June 11, 2012

Kathleen Vaughn, President
Toni Olson, Vice President
David Aldrich, Secretary
Snohomish County Public Utility District
PO Box 1107
Everett, WA 98206-1107

Dear Commissioners Vaughn, Olson and Aldrich,

On behalf of the NW Energy Coalition, I would like to congratulate you, Steve Klein, Jim West, Mary Smith and the entire utility staff for your well-deserved Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award from the Bonneville Power Administration.

BPA selected Snohomish County PUD for the award this year for many reasons, but several stood out for us:

  • The remarkable number of customers participating in your programs resulting in more than 700,000 CFLs and 19,000 e-kits being distributed and 14,000 efficient appliances being installed.
  • Your success in leveraging community, local government and ARRA resources to promote efficiency in hard to reach populations.
  • The utility’s willingness to go beyond tried and true approaches to energy efficiency such as bringing behavior based efficiency programs to the region and working with BPA to pilot the use of heat pump water heaters, resulting in a new incentive program to advance the highly efficient technology.

We applaud and appreciate your regional leadership in energy efficiency and a low carbon future!

Sara Patton
Executive Director