Take Action: Stop bill that would slow energy efficiency gains

A Senate bill aimed at thwarting improvements to the state’s energy code will likely be heard in the House Technology and Economic Development Committee next Wednesday, April 1.

Please contact chair Jeff Morris and other members of the House committee (below). Tell them to oppose SB 5804.

Strong energy and building codes often prove to be the most cost-effective energy conservation measures. They reduce electricity and gas use, and save consumers money for years to come. Regular updates to the state energy code capture improved and emerging energy efficiency technologies, thus adding to the savings totals.

But some business interests, including builders and realtors, want to squelch new energy code improvements. Their strategy is to legislate a more complicated code amendment process. Their vehicle, SB 5804, would add a full year to the energy code planning process and reclassify that process as “significant rulemaking,” potentially opening new administrative avenues for attacking our state’s energy code.

The misguided SB 5804 would also limit and reduce the number of amendments to the International Code that our State Building Code Council could make.

Washington consumers and residents should enjoy all cost-effective new codes and standards.  Please tell chair Jeff Morris and other House committee members to reject SB 5804, just as they declined to advance its House companion bill.

Please contact:

  • Rep. Norma Smith, norma.smith@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep Jeff Morris, jeff.morris@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Gael Tarleton, gael.tarleton@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Richard DeBolt, richard.debolt@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Jake Fey, jake.fey@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Mark Harmsworth, mark.harmsworth@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Zack Hudgins, zack.hudgins@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Chad Magendanz, chad.magendanz@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Terry Nealey, terry.nealey@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Cindy Ryu, cindy.ryu@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, sharontomiko.santos@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Sharon Wylie, sharon.wylie@leg.wa.gov
  • Rep. Jesse Young, jesse.young@leg.wa.gov

You may also copy and paste their email addresses:

norma.smith@leg.wa.gov, jeff.morris@leg.wa.gov, gael.tarleton@leg.wa.gov, richard.debolt@leg.wa.gov, jake.fey@leg.wa.gov, mark.harmsworth@leg.wa.gov, zack.hudgins@leg.wa.gov, chad.magendanz@leg.wa.gov, terry.nealey@leg.wa.gov, cindy.ryu@leg.wa.gov, sharontomiko.santos@leg.wa.gov, sharon.wylie@leg.wa.gov, jesse.young@leg.wa.gov

For more information, contact NW Energy Coalition policy associate JJ McCoy at jj@nwenergy.org