Energy conservation editorial from the Oregonian

Energy conservation

The Oregonian got it right Sunday with the editorial saying
energy conservation holds the greatest promise for our state’s
energy future (“Finding an energy game plan,” March 11). Oregon
can build on its tradition of clean energy leadership by making
energy efficiency the priority resource in Gov. Kitzhaber’s
energy plan. Doing so will create good local jobs and, in
conjunction with new renewable energy investments, allow us to
replace existing coal-fired generation.

Energy efficiency is the cheapest, fastest, cleanest way to meet
energy demand and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It saves
dollars for households — dollars that get spent elsewhere in the
economy. Low-income programs offer long-term energy savings for
struggling families burdened by choosing between heating their
homes or putting food on the table.

The governor was instrumental in developing the Pacific Coast
Collaborative’s conservation-centered clean energy and jobs plan.
In our state and across the region, putting energy efficiency
first is an energy plan we can all support.

Southeast Portland
Gerlitz is senior policy associate with NW Energy Coalition.

Originally posted in The Oregonian.