Oregon can become a leader in energy efficient building

In Oregon, House Bill 2710 will help the state reform building codes in ways that: Reduce energy bills for owners and renters Make the air cleaner and temperatures more comfortable in homes and buildings Slash carbon and greenhouse gas emissions Oregon benefitted environmentally and economically by becoming a leader in energy efficient, green building.  House Bill 2710…

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Efficiency Works! Case Studies

All this talk about energy efficiency can, to the skeptical ear, sound like so much happy talk. Really, can something as simple as changing lights or adding insulation actually make a meaningful difference in my business’ financial performance?

Well, in a word, yes. Investments big and small can have an outsized impact on the amount you spend on energy.

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Solving the Energy Efficiency Puzzle: Achieving Bigger Savings in the Pacific Northwest

You have a stake in making our region even more energy efficient than it is. Energy efficiency is the cleanest and cheapest way to meet most of our region’s new energy needs and our goals to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Many organizations throughout the Northwest are already hard at work saving energy. But more can be done. That’s what this paper is about: getting over the hurdles to increased energy efficiency and getting to solutions. We have a lot to lose if we wait and a lot to gain if we act.

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What you can do to find the most energy savings for your dollar Energy Star, a program of the U.S Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, offers information about planning, financing and executing energy efficiency projects of all sizes. Its guide for small business, Putting Energy Into Profits, is particularly useful. Energy Star…

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Realizing the Power of Efficiency


The up-front costs of energy efficiency improvements may just be the king of barriers to energy waste reduction at the scale that will allow us to stop building costly and polluting new electric generating plants.

The Coalition’s Efficiency Works! project has commissioned a study of Northwest lending for energy efficiency projects in small and mid-sized commercial enterprises. The goal is to examine the current landscape, including the barriers encountered by existing programs, and offer a menu of solutions…

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The Power of Efficiency

Northwesterners can save enough electricity to power the region’s economic growth over the next decade, according to a new study from the NW Energy Coalition.

The study, The Power of Efficiency: Pacific Northwest Conservation Potential through 2020, also shows increased efficiency can cut new regional natural gas demand in half.

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