What you can do to find the most energy savings for your dollar

Energy Star, a program of the U.S Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, offers information about planning, financing and executing energy efficiency projects of all sizes. Its guide for small business, Putting Energy Into Profits, is particularly useful. Energy Star offers an online energy analyzer and a bunch of energy-saving tips for businesses that rent their space.

The Tax Incentives Assistance Project, sponsored by public interest groups, government agencies and other energy efficiency organizations, provides information on federal income tax incentives for energy efficient products and technologies.

The Database for State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency is a comprehensive and user-friendly source of information about federal, state, local and utility incentives.

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI) Commercial Retail Resource Center provides easy access to technical resources including presentations, research papers, and outside reviews of our programs and processes. PECI’s Large Commercial Resource Center provides access to technical resources including industry guides and websites, presentations and research papers.

The Bonneville Power Administration’s energy efficiency program provides information about lighting design and commercial energy efficiency programs.

Better Bricks is the commercial energy efficiency program of the utility-funded Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. The program offers great resources for building design, construction and operations, specifically for office real estate, grocery stores, health care facilities and schools.

The Building Owner and Managers Association’s Building Energy Efficiency Program promotes low and no cost energy saving measures.

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Council is a non-profit trade association of the energy efficiency industry whose member companies provide energy efficient products and services for commercial, industrial and residential customers. NEEC also promotes Building Operator Certification, a competency-based training and certification for building operators.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy advances energy efficiency through policy advocacy and technical education. The ACEEE Buildings Program is a great place to learn about available and emerging technology. ACEEE also has an exhaustive list of online resources for energy efficiency.

Kids Home Energy Efficiency Guide: Lots of links kids (and adults!) can use for school projects and to help their families save money and be better stewards of the environment by being more energy efficient.