Stop the clean energy rollbacks!

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Several bills moving toward floor votes in Olympia would undercut our clean energy law, Initiative 937, and reduce Washington’s commitment to a clean and affordable energy future. Proposed changes include allowing coal purchases from the TransAlta plant to reduce utilities’ renewable energy obligations.

Tell your state legislators to stop rollbacks to I-937 and clean energy!

By preserving I-937’s intent to increase new clean energy development, Washington can remain a clean energy leader. I-937 is our state’s No. 1 means of reducing climate pollution. It is diversifying our clean energy mix at a time when our hydropower system is stressed with 93% of the state in moderate drought. It is bringing billions in renewable energy investments to our state and creating thousands of good, local jobs. This is hardly the time to start chipping away at our state’s most effective clean energy law.

But proposed bills this session would weaken our state’s renewable energy standards. Three bills would count hydropower upgrades that are already happening now toward those standards. House Bill 2676 and Senate Bills 5992 and 6058 would cut back development of new clean resources by 52 to 75 average megawatts – equal to one new medium-size wind project. Another bill, SB 5298, would reduce the amount of new renewables a utility buying TransAlta coal power would have to acquire.  Combined, these bills would further slash new renewable development and clean energy jobs in our state.

Tell your state legislators to stop rollbacks to I-937 and clean energy!  Many of these bills will be up for floor votes very soon, so it is critical that you act today!

Together we can act to stop these rollbacks to I-937 and continue our progress toward the clean energy future we value so much.

Thank you for your support!