Portland Monthly: Drink "green" this St. Patrick's Day with eco-friendly beers

Earlier this year, the Oregon Environmental Council provided a unique opportunity for citizens of Beervana to raise their carbon-consciousness by helping Migration Brewing launch the Little Foot Red Ale, a rosy brew crafted to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the environmental performance of a beer from start to finish.

Migration Brewing isn’t alone in their dedication to climate health. A growing number of American breweries have joined the fight against climate change by signing on to a national Brewery Climate Declaration calling for strong climate and energy policies. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Oregon is at the lead of the pack. Oregon breweries make up a full one-third of the declaration signers, with seven Oregon breweries so far having made a commitment to a cleaner climate. So, if you seek to be green this St. Patrick’s Day, here are 8 examples of how breweries are innovating to reduce their environmental impact—and give us great tasting beer at the same time.

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