NWEC submits comment on Clean Air Rule 2nd CR 102 in Washington state

The NW Energy Coalition echoed comments of others that the rule should be far stronger than it is. Addressing many of these issues will require additional legislation, and the Coalition calls on the Washington Legislature to act. Major points include:

  • The 30% reduction in covered emissions by 2035 is insufficient. Science-based limits would call for far steeper reductions for Washington to do our proportional share in keeping the planet from warming beyond 2°C, as prescribed in international agreements.
  • The rule does not cover all emissions in the state: a more comprehensive framework is required.
  • The rule also specifically does not cover emissions from electric power imported into the state. This creates a significant risk of emissions leakage if electricity generation migrates to other states via our multi-state transmission grid.

NW Energy Coalition’s full technical comments and suggestions are available now.

For more information, please contact senior policy associate JJ McCoy.