NWEC adds four new member organizations at Portland conference


[from left: Aaron Robins (Sierra Club), Nancy Levidow and Charles Hall (Sea Breeze),
Alex Ramel (Sustainable Connections]
Some 140 clean energy experts and advocates from across the region flocked to Portland Nov. 9-10 for the highly successful Fall 2012 NW Clean & Affordable Energy Conference in Portland.
The second day of the highly successful conference featured the Coalition’s board meeting where the board unanimously accepted the addition of four new organizational members:
  • Sustainable Connections
  • Sea Breeze Power
  • Washington Chapter of Sierra Club
  • City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Environment
These new members bring a wealth of expertise in sustainable economic development, environmental advocacy, energy efficiency and renewable energy to the Coalition’s work. They now are among some 110 organizational members of the Coalition, comprising environmental, labor, civic and human service groups, progressive utilities and businesses in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia — all united for a clean and affordable energy future in the Northwest.
Here’s a brief look at our newest members:

Sustainable Connections
Bellingham, Wash.-based Sustainable Connections works with local, independently owned businesses to promote sustainable economic development. Sustainable Connections seeks to transform businesses by reexamining where we buy goods and services, how we consume energy, grow and distribute our food, and build homes sustainably. Sustainable Connections supports independent businesses in town centers and mentors a new breed of entrepreneurs who design their businesses with sustainability in mind.

Sea Breeze Power Corp.
Sea Breeze Power Corp., a diversified renewable energy company based in Vancouver, B.C., is dedicated to meeting the region’s growing demand for clean, sustainable, green power and unlocking British Columbia’s stranded resources. The Company’s state-of-the art projects are models of long-term, cost-effective, reliable energy solutions that minimize environmental harm, emit no greenhouse gases and bring significant economic benefits. The Company was the first in the province to pursue wind power as a commercial opportunity, and the first to receive an Environmental Assessment Certificate for a wind farm from the British Columbia government.

City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability
The Office of Sustainability and Environment works to accelerate environmentally sustainable practices by Seattle’s city government and in the community at-large. Staff collaborate with other city departments, business partners, learning institutions and non-profit and community-based organizations to develop and implement priority sustainability initiatives like climate protection and urban forest restoration and management.

Sierra Club, Washington Chapter
The Sierra Club, one of the largest grassroots U.S. environmental organizations, has been protecting communities, wild places and the planet since 1892. Its Washington Chapter, encompassing most of Washington state, is led by a strong group of volunteers who work on local, state and national environmental issues, including climate, conservation and clean energy.
Want your organization to part of the regional campaign for a clean and affordable energy future? Or would you like to support the Coalition’s goals by becoming an individual member?  Contact Outreach Director Cy Berryman at (206) 621-0094, cy@nwenergy.org