NW Energy Coalition announces new executive director


Dear NW Energy Coalition members, allies and supporters:

It is our great pleasure to announce that the NW Energy Coalition executive board has hired Nancy Hirsh to succeed Sara Patton as Coalition executive director, effective in January.

As executive director for 20 years, Sara has been the heart of the Coalition. She has broadened our alliance to encompass more than 100 organizations of unparalleled diversity and held us all together in our commitment to a clean and affordable energy future. We are grateful for Sara’s contribution and wish her well as she moves on to teach energy policy and coalition-building to the next generation of clean energy leaders.

With transition comes opportunity. After an extensive study of the organization’s needs and opportunities, the Coalition executive board recognized that Nancy Hirsh was the perfect leader to carry the Coalition’s priorities forward. As the widely admired Coalition policy director for 18 years, Nancy defines progressive energy policy and has our community’s trust. She also has the vision and enthusiasm to seize key opportunities to make the Coalition stronger and yet more effective.

Our trusty Coalition staff will work toward the staffing changes needed to complete the transition by the beginning of 2015. We encourage Coalition members, supporters and allies to redouble their support for the organization during this transition.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff and Megan

Jeff Bissonnette, Citizens’ Utility Board
Coalition chair

Megan Decker, Renewable Northwest
Coalition vice chair and transition committee chair

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