Member spotlight: Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association

OSEIA_Logo with tag lineYear founded: 1981
Member rep: Jeff Bissonnette
Contact: (503) 853-5804


The Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association is the NW Energy Coalition’s newest organizational member. A solar energy trade association, OSEIA collaborates with utilities, legislators, non-profits and academics to promote solar development in Oregon.
OSEIA engages in community education, legislative and regulatory advocacy, market expansion and industry support. It is a crucial organizing association for solar industry professionals in Oregon.


4c5be6a3-2463-4883-b6ea-8b73abbfae9aSolar policy agenda

OSEIA is taking suggestions from the public as it develops its solar policy agenda for 2017. This exercise helps OSEIA think strategically about which policies to pursue. To add to this crowdsourcing effort, follow this link.


Community solar
Currently, OSEIA is urging Oregon’s Public Utility Commission to establish a community solar program that would allow customers to join together and buy energy from a shared solar source, pooling costs and benefits.