Idaho: New financing option available for solar and energy efficiency


logo-site-v2-1The NW Energy Coalition is partnering with Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union (PSCCU) to expand solar financing in the Northwest. Since 1934, PSCCU has been empowering members to do more than they thought they could with their banking relationship. The credit union maintains a strong commitment to its social, economic and environmental convictions and has built, and will continue to build, its financial cooperative around these ideals. As a representation of PSCCU’s mission, the credit union will become a nationwide leader in providing its members the ability to access and afford energy efficient options for their homes. Its Energy-Smart Loans cover everything from heating and cooling, hot water tanks, gas conversions—to windows and even renewable energy like solar.

While PSCCU is a Washington based credit union, homeowners interested in solar or energy efficiency financing – and residing in Idaho can become an individual member of the Coalition and thereby become eligible for loans from PSCCU. More information at:

About the NW Energy Coalition

If you care about clean and affordable energy, join the NW Energy Coalition today! The Coalition is an alliance of over 100 members in the Northwest that include environmental, consumer, civic, and human service organizations; progressive utilities; energy efficiency and renewable energy businesses, and many more individuals. The Coalition’s diverse and active membership makes it one of the Northwest’s most influential public-interest voices on energy policy. The NW Energy Coalition and its members advocate a clean and affordable energy future for the region based on:

• Meeting all new energy demand with energy efficiency and new renewable resources. • Full and fair accounting for the environmental effects of energy decisions.

• Protecting and restoring the fish and wildlife of the Columbia River Basin.

• Consumer and low-income protection.

• Informed public involvement in building a clean and affordable energy future.

Individual Membership – $40

Donation & Individual Membership

Individuals wishing to support the Coalition can become members. Individual members are eligible for positions on the Board of Directors and may vote in their state or regional caucus in which they reside and are eligible for many of the benefits below.

Membership benefits:

Coalition members benefit from opportunities to learn, engage and inform policy by:
o Attending quarterly state/provincial caucus meetings
o Receiving discounted fees for conferences and workshops starting in 2017
o Influencing Coalition policy resolutions, award nominations and governing board candidates.
o Helping to further the Coalition’s purposes and goals & offering counsel and advice to the staff, executive director, and board
o Participating in online policy discussions