NW Energy Coalition lauded for climate action

Elisheva Mittelmannrdc_logo_detail and Kevin Steinberger of the National Resources Defense Council are publishing a series of blog posts that describe how states and regions are rushing to fill the climate action vacuum left in the wake of the Trump administration’s abandonment of the Paris Agreement and a bevy of Obama-era environmental measures.  Their August 30 post titled, “Trump Can’t Stop This: Climate Action in The Northwest“, says of the the region:

“These states have undoubtedly set a high bar for the rest of the country and the world as they lead the way in both renewable energy investments and ambitious clean energy policies, thanks in part to the strong network of clean energy advocacy groups in the region, such as Renewable Northwest and the Northwest Energy Coalition. From impressive climate progress in Oregon to the fast-growing market for renewables across the Northwest, states throughout this region have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to clean energy, economic development, and public health. And, as the region implements its Seventh Northwest Power Plan, its customers will continue to benefit from its strong energy efficiency programs and standards, which have already cut the region’s annual power bills by more than $3 billion over the course of the past three decades, while avoiding tens of millions of tons of carbon pollution.”

The post goes on to note Washington’s and Oregon’s memberships in the U.S. Climate Alliance, the coalition of states organized to fulfill the goals of the Paris Agreement, and the states’ aggressive renewable portfolio standards.  It also discusses the economic benefits the Northwest is realizing as a result of its burgeoning clean energy and energy efficiency economy. The authors expect the boom to continue, thanks to increased regional integration and the development, with California, of the Energy Imbalance Market.