Crosscut artice: Washington businesses unite on climate action

With a snow-capped Mount Rainier as their poster child, Washington businesses have joined forces to take a stand on climate change. More than 100 businesses – from REI and Virginia Mason to Taylor Shellfish and Microsoft – launched a declaration calling for “climate action.” While they didn’t know what the outcome of the November election would be when they came together, their message remains the same. “Tackling climate change,” a declaration from the group says, “is one of Washington’s greatest economic opportunities of the 21st century. And it’s simply the right thing to do.”

In a statement – printed on a blue, gray and white poster, colors most often associated in the Pacific Northwest with bountiful snow pack and water – the group says: “There is a clear and present need for action on climate change to protect our region’s natural assets, vibrant communities and growing economy.”

The businesses recently endorsed the Washington Business Climate Declaration, a statement by businesses and individuals on the need for action against global warming, saying, that the Northwest firms “support using energy efficiently, investing in cleaner fuels, advancing renewable energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

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