Sixth Northwest Conservation and Electric Power Plan

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Entire Document (3mb PDF)
Plan Overview
Action Plan
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Key Assumptions
Chapter 3: Electricity Demand Forecast
Chapter 4: Conservation Supply Assumptions
Chapter 5: Demand Response
Chapter 6: Generating Resources and Energy Storage Technologies
Chapter 7: Transmission
Chapter 8: Direct Use of Natural Gas
Chapter 9: Developing a Resource Strategy
Chapter 10: Resource Strategy
Chapter 11: Climate Change Issues
Chapter 12: Capacity and Flexibility Resources
Chapter 13: Bonneville’s Obligations
Chapter 14: Regional Adequacy Standards


Entire Appendix (4mb PDF)
A.  Fuel Price Forecast
B.  Economic Forecast
C.  Demand Forecast
D.  Wholesale Electricity Price Forecast
E.  Conservation Supply Curve Development
F.  Model Conservation Standards
G.  MCS Cost Effectiveness for Residences
H.  Demand Response
I.  Generating Resources
J.  Regional Portfolio Model
K.  Smart Grid
L.  Climate Change and Power Planning
M.  Integrating Fish & Wildlife and Power Planning
N.  Financial Assumptions and Discount Rate
O.  Calculation of Revenue Requirements and Customer Bills
P.  Methodology for Determining Quantifiable Environmental Costs and Benefits
Statement of Basis and Purpose and Response to Comments