Why we work at NW Energy Coalition

Everyday, we are fortunate enough to work with brilliant advocates, passionate member groups, and dedicated decision makers to advance clean, affordable, and equitable energy policy. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and funders, we are able to make a significant impact on the decarbonization of the Northwest, creating a grid that is equitable and affordable for vulnerable populations, while also protecting the fish & wildlife that makes the Northwest special.

This Give BIG season, we hope you’ll take some time to learn more about the devoted staff at NWEC and consider giving so that we can continue our work.

Several of our staff members recently shared why they decide to work for the NW Energy Coalition. Enjoy!

Nancy Hirsh, Executive Director

For 27 years I have seen up close the power of coalition and collaboration. This plays out everyday through the depth of commitment of staff, member organizations, long-time allies, and the Board as they wrestle with complex and multi-faceted issues that are key to creating a clean, affordable and equitable energy future. Working with and learning from these folks keeps the work exciting and me thankful to have the opportunity. 

Charlee Thompson, Policy Associate

My career in the climate space started in fifth grade when I voluntarily created pamphlets about climate change for my class. I grew up in awe of coral reefs, and have always wanted my work to be in the name of the intrinsic value of the ocean and environment. When an opportunity to work directly on climate and energy policy on a women-lead team in a region that leads national environmental policy arose, it was a no-brainer!

Fred Heutte, Senior Policy Associate

The electric grid is already the essential resource supporting our daily lives and our economy, and is only getting more important with the rising impacts of climate change. Working for the Coalition is important because since our founding we have endeavored to represent the forward-looking public interest so that the benefits of a more reliable, clean and affordable grid flow to everyone and equity underlies all of it.

Annabel Drayton, Senior Policy Associate

I work at the NW Energy Coalition because access to essential energy services is as important as making sure that energy is clean energy.

Chris Connolly, Communications & Events Coordinator

I work for the NW Energy Coalition because it gives me hope in the face of the climate crisis. Seeing brilliant people work their tails off towards decarbonizing our society motivates me to do my part to protect the people, places, and animals I love.