Please join us in celebrating!

(Nancy is traveling, but she asked me to send the following message on her behalf. S.O’L.)


After a long time and a great deal of effort, just now, the Washington legislature passed the third bill in the trio of NW Energy Coalition priorities for this session – the 100% Clean Electricity (SB 5116) bill, which assures that over the next twenty-five years, Washington’s electric system will be freed of fossil fuels and the pollution, greenhouse gases, and price volatility that accompany them. Last week, the legislature passed the Clean Buildings (HB 1257), and Appliances Efficiency (HB 1444),

Customer utility bills will become more affordable, buildings will become more comfortable and energy efficient, Washington’s clean energy economy and jobs will grow, and utilities will be positioned to minimize and more effectively manage electricity demand in the future.

The newly-passed bills also contain provisions that will help assure that Washington’s transition to a clean electric system will be done equitably and take care of communities and people whose livelihoods are tied to fossil fuels.

Much of the credit for this success goes to the Coalition’s policy staff — Joni Bosh who played a critical role in crafting the 100% Clean Electricity bill; Amy Wheeless who was the driving force behind the Clean Buildings and Appliance Efficiency bills; WendyGerlitz, who was deeply involved in negotiations with the Coalition’s many partners, and Coalition lobbyist; Craig Engelking, who worked tirelessly with legislators and Governor Jay Inslee’s staff to shepherd the bills through the legislature.

Thanks must also go to the Coalition allies at the Environmental Priorities Coalition, Shift Zero, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council, Front & Centered, and the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy.

But, the greatest credit must go to the policymakers who assumed the responsibility to lead on this very important issue.  They include Governor Jay Inslee, and his capable staff – Lauren McCloy and Chris Davis who made 100% Clean Energy and the Clean Buildings bills part of his climate package, Senator Reuven Carlyle, and Representatives Gael Tarleton, Beth Doglio, and Joe Fitzgibbon who helped formulate the bills and engaged in the legislative give-and-take that produced passage.

Please join us in celebrating this landmark accomplishment and please don’t hesitate to reach out and thank those who played leading roles, including the senators and representatives who supported the bills.





Executive Director, NW Energy Coalition