Clean utilities and carbon pricing bills advance in Washington legislature

Yesterday HB 2402 the Washington Clean Utilities Act and SB 6203, Governor Jay Inslee’s carbon pricing bill, were passed out of their respective House and Senate committees.
The passage of these bills out of committee is a necessary step toward achieving two important policy goals:
  • Continuing to clean up our electric system by advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency standards beyond where they will top out in 2020 under current law.
  • Putting a price on carbon, which economists agree is one of the most efficient means of reducing CO2 emissions and which generates funds to encourage the development of renewable resources while making sure that underserved communities benefit from the transition to clean energy.

That’s not to say that either bill is ideal.  SB 6203 in particular can be strengthened in its commitments to underserved communities and we hope it will be as it continues through the legislative process.  But, at the moment, the important thing is that these complementary bills if strengthened and enacted will accelerate the clean up of our energy system and give policymakers more tools to use as we move forward.

Thank you to the many of you who responded to our requests for calls and emails to legislators and don’t be surprised if I reach out again as these bills continue advancing.


Please note that both bills are subject to amendment, so the information contained in the attached fliers may have changed.