NWEC Acronyms

ACEEEAmerican Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (often referred to as "AC-triple-E")
AEROAlternative Energy Resources Organization
aMW Average megawatt, or the amount of energy represented by 1 megawatt (MW) used or generated for a whole year.
ASEAlliance to Save Energy
ATNIAffilitated Tribes of Northwest Indians
AWEAAmerican Wind Energy Association
AWECAlliance Of Western Energy Consumers
B2HBoardman to Hemmingway (transmission line)
BBPByrd Barr Place
BEFBonneville Environmental Foundation
BEVBattery Electric Vehicle
BGABlueGreen Alliance
BiOpBiological Opinion (issued by federal agencies under the Endangered Species Act)
BIPOCBlack Indigenous and People of Color
BLMBureau of Land Management
BPABonneville Power Administration
BPCBuilding Performance Center (at the Opportunity Council in Bellingham)
BtuBritish thermal unit
C-PACERCommercial Property Assessed Clean Energy and Resilience
C&ICommercial & Industrial
CAACommunity action agency
CACCommunity Action Center (of Whitman County)
CAISOCalifornia Independent System Operator
CAPCommunity action program
CBSACommercial Building Stock Assessment
CCACommunity choice aggregation
CCCCoalition of Communities of Color (Oregon)
CEAPClean Energy Action Plan
CEIPClean Energy Implementation Plan
CEPCommunity Energy Project
CETAClean Energy Transformation Act (Washington State)
CEWOClean Energy Works Oregon
CFLCompact fluorescent light/lamp
CHPCombined heat and power (cogeneration)
CNG Cascade Natural Gas
Co-opCooperative (utility)
CO2Carbon dioxide
COUConsumer-owned utility
CPPCritical peak period
CRAGConservation Resources Advisory Group
CRITFC Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (an organization representing the four 1855 treaty tribes that have rights to Columbia River fishing)
CRSOColumbia River Systems Operations
CSClimate Solutions
CUBCitizens' Utility Board (of Oregon)
CVRConservation voltage reduction (a type of energy efficiency for distribution lines)
DCFCDirect Current Fast Charger. Fastest electric vehicle charging level.
DERDistributed Energy Resource
DNRDepartment of Natural Resources (WA)
DNRCDepartment of Natural Resources and Conservation (Mont.)
DOEUS Department of Energy
DOEU.S. Department of Energy
DRDemand Response
DRPDistribution Resource Planning
DSIDirect service industry
DSMDemand-side management (sometimes used to refer to all conservation measures, but more often used to indicate interruptible power arrangements to deal with peak use)
DSPDistribution System Planning
DVRDistribution Voltage Regulation (similar to CVR but only activate during peak demand periods)
EDAMExtended Day Ahead Market (proposed addition to EIM)
EEEnergy Efficiency
EEaSEnergy Efficiency as a Service
EERSEnergy efficiency resource standard
EFSCEnergy Facility Siting Council (Oregon)
EFSECEnergy Facility Site Evaluation Council (Washington State)
EIAEnergy Information Administration (US)
EIMEnergy imbalance market (operated by CAISO, including most western utilities)
EITEs"energy-intensive, trade-exposed" industries
EISEnvironmental impact statement
EM&V Evaluation, measurement and verification
EMOEcumenical Ministries of Oregon
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (US)
EPSEmissions performance standard
EPUDEmerald People’s Utility District (Lane County, Ore.)
ERWHElectric Resistance Water Heater
ESAEndangered Species Act
ESCOEnergy service company
ETOEnergy Trust of Oregon
EULREnd Use Load Research
EVElectric Vehicle
EVSEElectric Vehicle Suppy Equipment
EVSPElectric Vehicle Service Provider
EWEBEugene Water and Electric Board (Ore.)
FERCFederal Energy Regulatory Commission
GHGGreenhouse gas
Gigawatt (GW)One billion watts; 1 million kW; 1000 MW
Gigawatt hour (GWh)One billion watt hours; 1 million kWh; 1000 MWh
GRCGeneral rate case
HDVHeavy Duty Vehicle
HPWHHeat Pump Water Heater
HRCHuman Resource Council
HVACHeating, ventilation and air conditioning
ICEInternal Combustion Engine
ICEAIdaho Clean Energy Association
ICLIdaho Conservation League
ICNUIndustrial Customers of Northwest Utilities
IDWRIdaho Department of Water Resources
IGCCIntegrated gasification combined-cycle (a type of coal plant that separates CO2)
INLIdaho National Laboratory
IOUInvestor-owned utility
IPCIdaho Power Company
IPPIndependent power producer
IPUCIdaho Public Utilities Commission
IRPIntegrated resource plan
IRPTAGIntegrated resource plan technical advisory group
IRUIdaho Rivers United
ISOIndependent system operator
Kilowatt (kW)One thousand watts
Kilowatt hour (kWh)One thousand watt hours
L1Level 1 electric vehicle charger. Slowest charging level.
L2Level 2 electric vehicle charger.
LBNLLawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
LCPLeast-cost plan or planning
LDCLocal distribution company (gas utility)
LDVLight Duty Vehicle
LEDLight-emitting diode
LEEDLeadership Energy and Environmental Design (U.S. Green Building Code Council certification program)
LIHEAPLow Income Home Energy Assistance Program (federal)
LIHI Low Impact Hydropower Institute (certifies qualified hydro projects as low impact)
LIONLow-Income Organizing Network
LIRALow-Income Rate Assistance program
LNGLiquefied natural gas
LSE Load-serving entity (electric utility)
LSRDLower Snake River dams
LWVLeague of Women Voters
MDUMontana-Dakota Utilities
MDVMedium Duty Vehicle
MEETSMetered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure
MEICMontana Environmental Information Center
MMBtu1 million British thermal units
MOUMemo of understanding
MPSCMontana Public Service Commission
MREAMontana Renewable Energy Association
MSWMunicipal solid waste
MuniMunicipality (used in reference to city-run utilities)
MWOne million watts; 1000 kW
MWaMegawatt average
MWhOne million watt hoursl; 1000 kWh
NARUCNational Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
NBINew Buildings Institute
NCATNational Center for Appropriate Technology
NEEANorthwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
NEECNorthwest Energy Efficiency Council
NEPANational Environtmental Policy Act
NERCNorth American Electric Reliability Corporation
NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service (now called NOAA Fisheries)
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOPRNotice of proposed rulemaking
NPCCNorthwest Power and Conservation Council
NRCNuclear Regulatory Commission
NRDCNational Resources Defense Council
NRELNational Renewable Energy Laboratories
NTIBNecessary to Implement the Budget
NWENorthWestern Energy
NWECNW Energy Coalition
NWIFCNorthwest Indian Fisheries Commission
NWIGUNorthwest Industrial Gas Users
NWNNW Natural
NWPCCNorthwest Power and Conservation Council
NWPPA Northwest Public Power Association
ODFW Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
ODOEOregon Department of Energy
OECOregon Environmental Council
OEFOregon Energy Fund
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer, commonly used to refer to automobile manufacturers
OICOpportunities Industrializiation Center (of Washington)
OPALOrganizing People / Activating Leaders (non profit in Oregon)
OPUCOregon Public Utility Commission
OSEOffice of Sustainability and Environment (City of Seattle)
OSEIAOregon Solar Energy Industries Association
PACEProperty Assessed Clean Energy
PBRPerformance-Based Regulation or Ratemaking
PCEFPortland Clean Energy Fund
PECIPortland Energy Conservation, Inc.
PEIAPacific Energy Innovation Association
PEVPlug-in Electric Vehicle
PGEPortland General Electric
PGPPublic Generating Pool
PHEVPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
PNUCCPacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee
PPAPower purchase agreement
PPCPublic Power Council
PSARAPuget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action
PSCCUPuget Sound Cooperative Credit Union
PSEPuget Sound Energy
PSRPhysicians for Social Responsibility
PTCProduction Tax Credit
PUCPublic utility commission
PUDPublic utility district
PUHCAPublic Utilities Holding Company Act
PURPAPublic Utility Regulatory Policy Act of 1978
PV Photovoltaic (solar cell)
Q1 / Q2Quarter 1 / Quarter 2
QFQualifying Facility - an electric generating facility receiving a utility contract under the Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA)
R&D Research and development
RAResource Adequacy
RAPRegulatory Assistance Project
RBSAResidential Building Stock Assessment
RD&D Research, development and demonstration
RERenewable Energy
RECRenewable energy credit
RESRenewable energy standard
RFPRequest for proposal
RHARenewable Hydrogen Alliance
RNWRenewable Northwest
ROE Return on equity
RORRate of return
RPPResource Procurement Plan
RPSRenewable portfolio standard
RTORegional transmission organization
SBC System benefits charge (also referred to as a public purpose charge)
SBCCState Building Code Council (Wash.)
SBUA Small Business Utility Advocates
SCSierra Club
SCCSocial cost of carbon
SCCAPSouth Central Community Action Partnership
SCGHGSocial cost of greenhouse gas
SCLSeattle City Light
SEIASolar Energy Industries Association
SEICAASoutheast Idaho Community Action Agency
SEPAState Environmental Policy Act
SNAPSpokane Neighborhood Action Program
SO2Sulfur dioxide
SOSSave our Wild Salmon
SWSolar Washington
SZShift Zero
T&D Transmission and distribution
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
TETransportation Electrification
TEPThe Energy Project
TOUTime of Use rates = rates that vary by time of day and day of the week
TSOTransmission system operator
UCSUnion of Concerned Scientists
USBUniversal system benefits (Mont.)
USWUnited Steelworkers of America
UTCUtilities and Transportation Commission (Wash.)
V2GVehicle-to-Grid refers to vehicles capable of receiving power to the onboard battery from the electrical grid and vice-versa.
VMTVehicle Miles Traveled
WAPWeatherization Assistance Program
WASEIAWashington Solar Energy Industries Association
WCGGWIWest Coast Governors’ Global Warming Initiative
WEC Washington Environmental Council
WECCWestern Electricity Coordinating Council
WPPSSWashington Public Power Supply System (now called Energy Northwest)
WPUDAWashington Public Utility Districts Association
WSCAPWashington State Community Action Partnership
WSUWashington State University
WUTCWashington Utilities and Transportation Commission
ZEVZero Emission Vehicle