Idaho Energy Update, Jan. 13

The Idaho PUC has some tough questions for Idaho Power about the utility’s commitment to energy efficiency and told Idaho Power to report back by the end of February. Meanwhile, Idaho Power is back to tilting at windmills, telling the PUC it has serious issues with them. Federal energy regulators and the PUC avoided a prolonged court fight over the PUC’s handling of wind contracts by settling the case, and a London firm buys a Magic Valley power-producing dairy digester. Finally, Idaho Power puts its video of the Great Bus Crash up on its YouTube page, and the Energy Information Administration has expanded its data-rich state energy profiles for Idaho and all the rest. And we look at some coming events and meetings in the weeks ahead. Thanks as always, and if you have any calendar items, please send them along!



Ken Miller
Clean Energy Program Director
Snake River Alliance
(208) 344-9161


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