Energy Activist Archives 1997-2005

Archival editions of the Energy Activist. All issues are in PDF format.

Summer 1997

  • Global Warming: Scientists and Industry Specialists Agree That the Effects Can No Longer Be Ignored

Fall 1997

  • Energy Conservation: “There’s no cheaper, cleaner power than power you don’t have to produce.”

Winter 1997

  • Final Review Report Lands in Governors Hands

Spring 1998

  • Energy and Salmon : Home to fish, Northwest rivers produce 2/3 of region’s power

Winter 1998

  • Energy Deregulation: At Risk: our air, our water, our salmon and our pocketbooks

Winter 1999

Special 1999 – Dams, Energy and Salmon

  • We can afford to save salmon by replacing the four Lower Snake River dams with clean energy

Spring 2000

  • Earth Day 2000 : The Northwest Can Have Clean Energy Now!

Fall 2000

  • Power Shortage: Clean energy ready to meet the challenge

Spring 2001

  • Energy Conservation: Doing more with less, not doing without

Fall 2001

  • NW Energy Coalition Turns 20

Spring 2002

  • Salmon & Energy: The Northwest doesn’t have to choose

Winter 2002

  • Gas Plants Draw Fire: Activists mobilize for clean energy alternatives

Spring 2003

  • Bonneville in Crisis: Fix the present, safeguard the future

Summer 2003

  • Stop Smoking! Take the clean energy cure

Fall 2004

  • Energy Matters! …Across the region

Summer 2005

  • Global Warming … our fractured climate and how to
    put it back together.

Fall 2005

  • The Promise of Tribal Energy