Expanding Fast Charging — 11/9, Seattle

Sponsored by Forth


Impact Hub
220 2nd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
Thursday, November 9, 2017 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (PST)

Many electric vehicle drivers can do most of their charging at home overnight. However, when drivers are on the go, or making longer trips, it’s important to have ready access to public fast chargers that can quickly add range to a car’s battery. These fast chargers are also critical to enable the use of electric vehicles in car sharing fleets, as taxis, and in ride-hailing applications. Current 50kW DC fast chargers can add 200 miles of range in an hour of charging, but even faster 100-200kW fast chargers are now being introduced as well. Join us to learn about efforts underway that will dramatically expand Washington’s fast charging network over the coming year, and how these increasingly fast and common fast chargers are driving transportation electrification in the region.


Our guest speakers will be Brendan O’Donnell, Energy Planning Analyst at Seattle City Light, Tonia Buell, Project Development Coordinator at the Washington State Department of Transportation, and Terry O’Day, Vice President, EVgo.  Tonia will highlight the state’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Pilot Program (EVIPP) and other initiatives for installing fast chargers between communities. Brendan will be discussing Seattle City Light’s strategy to implement more fast-charging stations in the city, upcoming projects, and how SCL will be involved with EVIPP. EVgo is building sites under their award with WSDOT in partnership with Forth.  Terry will provide a status update on the new sites, as well as details about current utilization and cost structure for the EVgo network.