Clean electricity and coal transition plan — now SB 1547A — faces another House vote and Senate concurrence

Oregon’s clean electricity and coal transition bill is once again headed for floor vote in the House.

The original bill (HB 4036) passed the House on a 39-20 bipartisan vote more than a week ago. The bill re-emerged yesterday as SB 1547A, strengthened overall by amendments stemming from continued collaboration among various interests, including the Public Utility Commission.

This new, improved version passed out of the House Committee on Rules Thursday. A House floor vote is expected over the weekend and passage there would send the bill to the Senate floor for concurrence.

Please contact your state legislators now. Tell them to support this critical next step to Oregon’s clean and affordable energy future. (To find your legislator, go here.)

SB 1547A still allows Oregon energy consumers to stop paying for coal-fired power by 2035 and doubles the state’s 25% renewable portfolio standard for investor-owned utilities by 2040. It still should have little effect on rates and cut Oregon’s electric sector carbon emissions in half by 2030.

The new version addresses PUC concerns by granting the commission more oversight on reliability, the coal transition, and the rollout of electric vehicle programs. The bill also includes a small-scale renewables provision.

SB 1547A represents the best of Oregon’s political process: A diverse coalition crafted a bill, which was then strengthened through legislative compromise.

The NW Energy Coalition and many of its member organizations have been deeply involved in this historic collaboration between investor-owned utilities, clean energy/climate organizations and the state’s foremost consumer advocacy group. Please help us push this bill forward.

Please contact your state legislators now!

For more information, contact NW Energy Coalition policy director Wendy Gerlitz.