Wash. State Legislature ends with no changes to Clean Energy Initiative

2010 legislative session ends with no changes to I-937

The 2010 legislative session has ended and although the legislature delivered mixed results for the environment overall, supporters of Clean Energy Initiative 937 were pleased that no changes were made to the law. Because of your help, we were able to protect the integrity and strength of Initiative 937 again this year.

A diverse group of stakeholders and legislators worked closely throughout the legislative session to identify reasonable changes that could be made to I-937 while still maintaining the strength and intent of the law. The key bills introduced to amend I-937 ultimately died with neither house taking action. At issue was a proposed increase to the standard that would have balanced other proposed modifications to the law.

More good news for clean energy

In 2009, you took action to help successfully extend tax incentives for job-creating renewable energy projects in Washington.  These important incentives were maintained again during the 2010 legislative session.  The legislature also passed the Jobs Act of 2010.  The bill will bring a referendum to the voters this November that, if passed, would let the state issue bonds to fund building upgrades and energy conservation retrofits in schools, creating jobs and boosting energy efficiency savings.

Looking ahead to 2011

In advance of the next legislative session in 2011, we will continue monitoring any attempts to change I-937, especially those that would weaken the integrity of the law.  The next legislative session will certainly bring more attempts to amend I-937, and we will need your full support again.  Stay tuned for additional updates and more information on how you can protect I-937.