The Northwest Power & Conservation Council reports: 'Northwest energy savings now second largest resource'

In 2014, Pacific Northwest utilities developed 262 average megawatts of new energy savings, enough to power 180,000 homes for a year, adding to the region’s impressive track record in achieving energy efficiency. Between 2010 through 2014, the cumulative savings of 1,500 average megawatts exceeded the target of 1,200 average megawatts set in the Council’s Sixth Power Plan.

Since 1978, when regional investments in energy efficiency began, utility-funded programs, combined with improved building codes and federal efficiency standards, have saved almost 5,800 average megawatts, enough power for five cities the size of Seattle. It has met 57 percent of our load growth, and today, it’s the second largest resource in the Northwest after hydropower.

The Council estimates that these accumulated savings have saved consumers nearly $3.73 billion and lowered carbon emissions by 22.2 million metric tons.

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