Senate bills attack Washington state's clean energy standards

Are you getting tired of continual efforts to undermine the state’s incredibly successful clean energy law, Initiative 937? Well, here they come again. The Washington State Senate is about to vote on a slew of bills to slash I-937’s goals and standards.

Tell your state senator to protect our clean energy law and our clean energy future. Vote NO on Senate Bills 5089, 5090, 5094, 5430, 5735 and 5842!  Passed by Washington voters in 2006, I-937:

  • Requires the state’s major electric utilities to increase the amount of new renewable resources in their supply to 15% by 2020 and to obtain all the cost-effective energy efficiency available.
  • Has ushered in a renewable energy boom, helping draw more $8 billion in investments to the state, creating thousands of jobs and generating nearly $150 million in public tax revenue for local communities.
  • Has resulted in all-time-record energy efficiency accomplishments by utilities, saving money for families and businesses.
  • Remains our state’s No. 1 means of meeting its official greenhouse gas-reduction targets.

Yet some senators want to add power sources that aren’t renewable – such as natural gas and even nuclear! – to I-937’s wide suite of renewable energy options. Some want to give credit for preexisting projects, or for improvements that would have been or should be made regardless of the law. Some would make the standard meaningless by counting all existing hydropower, thwarting voters’ intent to build upon and diversify our renewable energy base.

Tell your senator to stand with the people of Washington state in supporting our growing clean energy economy!

Fair-minded people have offered a number of ideas for making I-937 work even better today and beyond 2020. Dealing with these issues piecemeal risks erosion – intended or not — of I-937’s goals and this state’s clean energy values. Rep. Jake Fey’s Clean Energy Choice Act, HB 2073, provides the framework for a comprehensive discussion of where we go from here.
Let’s use HB 2073 to forge real solutions for utilities, bill payers and our climate. Urge your senator to oppose rollbacks of I-937!