Public input will be crucial in shaping next regional power and conservation plan

Time to weigh in on value of clean energy and measuring success

Work on the next regional power plan is shifting into high gear. The Seventh Northwest Power and Conservation Plan, like its six predecessors, will guide Bonneville Power Administration and public utility resource choices and set the regional benchmark for meeting predicted electricity needs over the next 20 years.

Choices made by Northwest Power and Conservation Council representatives from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana will either advance or slow clean and affordable energy progress in the region. That’s why getting the plan right is of paramount concern to NW Energy Coalition staff, members and allies.

The Council now is settling on the assumptions that will underpin its plan, using a series of processes, many offering public comment opportunities. Two such processes and opportunities got underway this week.

The first involves the Council’s draft issue paper, Methods for Quantification of Environmental Costs and Benefits. The paper goes beyond traditional regulatory matters to consider how to value or quantify environmental costs and benefits of power generation and energy efficiency options.

The second – High Level Indicators for the Power Plan – deals with how to measure progress in advancing energy efficiency and new renewable energy, and assuring an adequate, efficient and reliable power supply.

Public comments on both are due Oct. 31 and can be sent to The Coalition is preparing its own comments now.

Click here for more information on development of the Seventh Plan and here for a chart detailing the issue work groups and current timelines.

We’ll let you know as additional public comment opportunities arise, and provide as much information as we can to help you formulate your group’s position. Remember, the Council needs to hear regularly from clean and affordable energy supporters throughout plan development.

For more information and to tell us how we can help you engage in the 7th Plan process, please contact senior policy associate Wendy Gerlitz at or (503) 449-0009.

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