Safeco first MLB park to illuminate field with LED lights

New system will reduce glare, shadows and improve atmosphere for players, fans

SEATTLE — While expectations are already high for 2015, the Mariners plan to literally cast a new light on their upcoming season as the club announced Tuesday that Safeco Field will be the first Major League stadium to illuminate its playing field with LED lights.

LED (light emitting diode) uses multiple narrow beams of light to produce a brighter and more uniform illumination than the former metal halide fixtures. Installation of the new lighting system was completed this month at Safeco and will be unveiled to the public at the team’s 17th annual FanFest on Saturday and Sunday.

The club says the LED lighting will significantly reduce glare and shadows on the field and create a better atmosphere for both players and fans, as well as better color and no flicker on the slow-motion technology for viewers watching games on HDTV.

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