Executive Board Caucus Report Highlights

British Columbia

No report available this month


Idaho State Legislature axes renewable energy tax rebate

The final act of the Idaho State Legislature this session was to kill the renewal of the state’s sales tax rebate for renewable energy projects. The rebate would have given alternative energy developers a 6% tax break on energy production equipment. The rebate is set to expire June 30.

For more information on the Idaho Caucus report, contact Ken Miller: kmiller (at) snakeriveralliance (dot) com.


Montana governor upholds renewable energy standard and energy efficiency code requirements

In true Montana style, Gov. Brian Schweitzer used a branding iron to veto two bad energy bills: SB109, which sought to revise the definition of eligible renewable resources in Montana’s renewable energy standard, and SB159, which sought harmful revisions to  Montana’s energy efficiency and code adoption requirements for building codes.

For more information on the Montana Caucus report, contact Chuck Magraw: c.magraw (at) bresnan (dot) net.


Oregon lawmakers seek to abolish the state’s Department of Energy (DOE)

The Oregon State Legislature is still considering a bill (HB2900) which would abolish the Department of Energy, dividing its responsibilities between various departments.

For more information on the Oregon caucus report, contact Jeff Hammarlund: jeffhammarlund (at) usa (dot) net.


Washington lawmakers vote to transition off  coal power.

The Washington State Senate gave final legislative approval to a bill (ESSB5769) to transition the state’s lone coal-fired power plant, TransAlta Corp.’s Centralia facility, off of coal. Reflecting successful negotiations among environmental/clean-energy groups, the governor’s office, the corporation and labor/community leaders, the bill transitions half the facility off of coal by 2020 and the remaining half in 2025.

For more information on the Washington caucus report, contact Lynne Dial: lynne (at) nwenergy (dot) org.