Transatlantic Energy Efficiency Forum – September 20 and September 22, 2022

Presented by:

Representative of German Business for the Western United States

Virtual, September 20 and September 22, 9:00 – 11:00 AM PT

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September 20: The Roadmap towards Zero Emission Buildings

The first virtual event will discuss how policies and incentives shape the building efficiency landscape and manage the energy crises we all have to face today.

Energy efficiency in buildings is key to climate neutrality. A lot of change can be brought through innovation, but sometimes more holistic approaches are needed to move toward a clean future. Policies and initiatives are necessary to integrate resilience into new and existing buildings. While these initiatives are a great step for transformative change across the built environment, some communities are stronger affected than others. We want to identify how vulnerable communities can be more included and how cities and governments will benefit from energy efficiency in every home.

September 22: Decarbonizing Buildings – The Role of Electrification

The second virtual event will discuss the transatlantic movement away from fossil fuels and gas toward carbon-free electricity.

In the US, buildings are responsible for 28% of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. But more than half of American houses still use gas or other fossil fuels as their main source of heating and cooking, which results in the production of hazardous gasses including methane, carbon dioxide, and many more.

Washington State is the first in the US to have statewide energy codes that require building electrification. We want to find out if building electrification is the push to switch from using fossil fuels for cooking and heating to clean energy consumption.