Protect the integrity of Clean Energy Initiative 937

Clean Energy Initiative 937, passed by voters in 2006, requires WA state’s major utilities to increase the amount of new renewable resources to 15% by 2020.

We will once again be tracking any legislative attempts to amend 937 in 2010 and we’ll need your help and full support to ensure that no changes to 937 are made that would stall clean energy and green job development.

Importance of I-937

Washington needs both energy efficiency and new renewable resources to meet future energy needs and avoid construction of polluting power plants. Energy efficiency is the lowest cost resource available and many renewable resources, such as wind power, already are cost-competitive with traditional power sources. Increasing our state’s reliance on clean energy will:

  • Stimulate rural economic development
  • Create jobs
  • Protect against future price shocks due to rising fuel, infrastructure and carbon costs
  • Save money for consumers
  • Help meet the state’s climate action goals

In 2009, the state legislature considered revisions to I-937, but no changes were enacted. Additional attempts to modify the peoples’ initiative are expected this session. Any legislative changes should adhere to the key principles below and be narrow in scope. At a minimum, the law must be maintained.

To protect I-937 this legislative session, ask your legislators to:

  • Preserve voters’ intent to increase development of clean and affordable energy. Washington is relying on the provisions of I-937 to meet the state’s critical climate action targets.
  • Not weaken the law before utilities have even had to comply. Most states that have modified their renewable energy standards have strengthened the laws. In 2007 alone, six states increased their renewable energy targets. Oregon recently passed a 25% by 2025 standard and California established a 33% by 2020 standard.
  • Ensure any modifications are narrow in scope to maintain the integrity of the law.
  • Avoid any unintended consequences. I-937 has many interlinked components. Legislative proposals to change one small element could create unintended ripples throughout the law.

Download the 937 info sheet. <PDF File>

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