Light in the River Reports

Light in the River’s reports, and the dialogue we hope they engender, will offer and explore solutions that jointly counter global warming; preserve healthy waters, fish, farms and communities; and advance initiatives to achieve both goals.

The reports will be factual and forward-looking. They start from today’s realities but focus on tomorrow’s imperatives. Each report will express its authors’ informed views, rather than hew to any project sponsor’s party line. Given the tough challenge posed by global warming, each paper will tackle tough questions but do so with determination to find and implement solutions.

Bright Future
How to keep the Northwest’s lights on, jobs growing, goods moving and salmon swimming in the era of climate change

Staff of the NW Energy Coalition Steven Weiss, lead author

Updated & formatted for black-and-white reproduction – July 2009.

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Great Wave A Great Wave Rising
Solutions for Columbia and Snake River Salmon in the Age of Global Warming

Jim Martin & Patty Gleick, authors

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