The New NW Energy Coalition 5-Year Strategic Plan


Helping to resolve competing interests and fears that stand in the way of a clean, affordable energy future

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The causes for which the NW Energy Coalition advocated at the time of its founding in 1981 – energy efficiency, the adoption of new renewable energy resources, wildlife and fish protection and equity for low-income people – are now so widely embraced, it’s hard to imagine they were ever controversial. But, widespread acceptance of those values is triggering diverse and often conflicting visions for how they should be realized.

New clean and renewable energy technologies offer the promise of an affordable, carbon-free energy future, but they sometimes compete with one another as well as with fossil fuels and they threaten to disrupt decades-old business models and delivery systems. The resulting array of technical, economic, political, and business challenges could delay development of a clean, efficient energy grid, produce solutions that do unnecessary damage to wildlife and the environment, and cause low-income people to receive a less than equitable share of the benefits.

The new NW Energy Coalition 5-year Strategic Plan reaffirms the organization’s role as a convener and consensus-builder among the full spectrum of energy interests including producers, consumers, utilities, environmentalists and clean energy advocates and businesses while continuing to serve as a leading policy advocate for clean and affordable energy.

The Coalition remains committed to the belief that it can hasten development of energy efficiency and renewable energy infrastructure, increase market demand and opportunities for energy businesses, and protect ecosystems and restore fish and wildlife harmed by the power system.

The 5-Year plan also outline’s the Coalition’s strategies for effectively engaging members, securing and maintaining adequate funding, and enhancing governance and operations to ensure that the organization can continue to develop sound policies that reflect and speaks to the concerns of the many communities and states in which it operates.

These efforts to engage and collaborate with stakeholders and forge consensus solutions will enable the NW Energy Coalition and the Northwest as a region to fulfill a vision of a 21st-century energy system that provides clean, reliable, and affordable energy, sustains communities, and preserves the region’s natural resources.

See the NW Energy Coalition 5-Year Strategic Plan, the policies it promotes, and how you can help.