How solar installers can diversify their workforces


The NW Energy Coalition has published a fact sheet summarizing tactics that solar installers can use to attract more people of color to the industry and to their companies.  The fact sheet is derived from a study published in June by the Solar Foundation, which found that only about 10% of 7,300 solar industry jobs in Washington and Oregon are held by a person of color.

A majority of the two dozen companies interviewed as part of the study said they find it “somewhat difficult” or “very difficult” to find qualified applicants for open positions, particularly those for installers, licensed electricians, and Limited Renewable Energy Technicians (LRTs).  The fact sheet and study offer strategies for both identifying qualified candidates of color in the short term and also for establishing relationships with community-based programs, schools, and training programs to establish a pipeline of qualified candidates going forward.

See the Solar Foundation’s “Oregon and Washington Solar Workforce Report” and, for more information, visit