Coalition recommends clean energy stimulus spending

To help Americans and businesses cope with the ​economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis, the federal government is ​considering targeted investments into the US economy. ​In the immediate future, more funds need to be invested in bill assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to help utility customers with growing unpaid balances. In the longer-term, clean energy​investments –in energy efficiency, ​renewable resources, transportation electrification ​and grid modernization — offers an opportunity for immediately putting people back to work, while at the same time helping customers realize lower energy bills; more comfortable homes, schools, and workplaces; cleaner air and water; and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. ​Building upon the principles of economic and social justice in clean energy work, Congress can target jobs, benefits and solutions in a manner that focuses on communities most impacted by the COVID emergency.

The promise of this opportunity inspired the NW Energy Coalition policy staff to assemble a series of recommendations for federal stimulus spending . These recommendations are contained in letters addressed to members of Congress from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

Please take a look at the letter to learn the many ways in which the federal government can simultaneously support the nation economically in these difficult times while also helping develop a clean, affordable, and equitable energy system for now and for generations to come. This is an ongoing conversation, so we welcome your ideas, feedback and engagement.