Unclouding the Council's crystal ball: What we look at changes everything

Scenario planning lies at the heart of the analysis used to develop the 7th Northwest Power and Conservation Plan. The Northwest Power and Conservation Council wants your help in selecting and shaping the scenarios to be used. The 7th Plan will guide utilities’ energy choices, theoretically for the next 20 years and practically for at least five. Please look over the proposed scenarios and let the Council – and us – know which ones they must consider seriously while developing the 7th Plan.

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Tell BPA to fulfill its energy efficiency commitments

Your help is needed to bolster Bonneville Power Administration’s commitment to energy efficiency. BPA is examining energy efficiency financing issues as part of a supplemental budget process and has floated two troublesome proposals: one to cut $10 million from the efficiency budget over the next rate period; the other to shift from capitalizing energy efficiency to expensing it. BPA needs to hear from stakeholders throughout the region that both of these ideas run counter to the region’s best interests.

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Energy Matters Update – March 16, 2010

Moving the region toward a Bright Future: The new Sixth Northwest Power and Conservation Plan

Every five years the region’s official power planning agency, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, produces a new 20-year forecast of growing electricity needs and a prescription for meeting them. The recently approved Sixth Northwest Power and Conservation Plan charts an aggressive clean energy path for our region’s future.

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