Workers, business leaders talk about the benefits of WA clean energy standards

As Washington and other states in the Northwest consider how best to go about making our electric system as clean and affordable as possible, it’s good to remember that in doing so, we will also be contributing to economic growth and jobs.  In Washington alone, more than 80,000 people have jobs in energy efficiency and power generation from solar, wind, and hydro.  That makes clean energy one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy and an expanding source of job opportunities for people from Spokane to Vancouver.

These benefits are in large part a product of I-937, Washington’s Energy Independence Act, which was passed by voters in 2006 to require utilities to more embrace renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The result, as was mentioned as mentioned in a recent blog post, is an energy system in Washington that is now both one of the cleanest and on of the most affordable in the nation.

Here’s what Washingtonians have to say about I-937 and Washington’s clean energy standards.  To see more videos about the benefits, visit